Traffic Management Committee – 11th October – Decision Made

On Wednesday 10th October 2017, the Traffic Management Committee met and discussed the proposals on the Council’s recommendations to make the Addiscombe Court Road and Canning Roads, no entry (exit only) with Addiscombe Road.

After hearing views, both for and against the proposal, from a number of residents, representatives from 4RA’s (HOME, ECCO, Canning & Clyde and TACRA) and our Ward Councillors, the committee unanimously agreed to the proposals to close our roads and so reduce the safety risks, especially around the Lebanon Road Tram stop.

The chair of the committee expressed appreciation of the individual residents sharing their ‘real life’ experiences and their input made a significant difference on the night. It was great to know that we live in a street where people think of others as well as themselves.

Speaking with the council officers afterwards, their current plan is for the changes to be put in place by March 2018 although this is subject to site reviews. They strongly hope that it will be sooner. We understand that this delay is in part due to the extra work needed to provide detailed responses back to the objections during the formal consultation.

We will keep you posted on any changes to this that we hear.

The committee recognised this was a no-win situation and agreed that there is a need for additional medium term work to resolve the rat running issues in the wider community

Thank you to all of our neighbours and our ward councillors who were able to attend and those who couldn’t be there to give voice to the need for action to address the Councils precious decision about Lebanon road that caused the problems we have been experiencing.