Traffic Management Advisory Committee – 8th February 2017

On Wednesday, 8th February 2017, the Councillors on the  Traffic Management Advisory Committee met, and discussed our petition to reduce traffic volumes, improve public safety and considered a proposal to introduce ‘No Entry’ signs in Addiscombe Court and Canning Roads.

Over 20 residents from Addiscombe Court and Tunstall joined together on a bitterly cold evening to make their feelings about the traffic known. The Chair of our residents’ association outlined the dreadful impact the traffic is having upon our streets, our lives and the significant increase in risk to public safety at Lebanon Road tram stop. She expressed the Association’s requirement for action to be taken to resolve the problems created by the Council’s previous decision on Lebanon Road (see below for her notes).

After hearing from a resident, the Chair of HOME Residents’ Association and TACRA, our three local ward Councillors all spoke giving their full support.  The Traffic Management Advisory Committee, then decided to approve an informal consultation exercise with all streets from Cherry Orchard Road to Ashburton Road including the Park Hill area.  As well as to ensure a new set of traffic monitoring is completed to better understand the current traffic levels.  The results of both of these will be referred back to a future Traffic Management Committee, at which point the Committee will decide whether to make Addiscombe Court and/or Canning Roads no entry (exit only) with Addiscombe Road.

In the next couple of months the Council will be delivering a questionnaire asking residents for their views on the proposal to make Addiscombe Court Road no entry (exit only) by the tram stop. Following contact with the Council, they have indicated that they expect to be able to deliver the consultation in the last week of March or first week of April 2017.  As a result of Easter, they propose that the consultation lasts for five weeks with the results being reported back to the next available TMAC, probably in July 2017.

Finally, thank you to residents that were able to be there as it really made a difference on the night.  And to all of our ward councillors who attended and expressed their full support.


Notes from the Address to the Committee from our Chair

  • Thank you to the committee and to Cllr Stuart King for meeting with residents last July, + Sean and Sara for taking the time to understand how our roads work in practice as, the lack of this, in part led to the original flawed decision – we welcome the opportunity to address you
  • Acknowledge that something needed to happen in Lebanon Road, however the problems have all been displaced (at least 1500 of the 2000 to us and the rest to Canning Road we presume – although this wasn’t monitored), as well as an increased risk to public safety around the tram stop
  • I would like to share some real life experiences:
    • In the space of a 2 minute walk from the top of ACR at 8pm on a Friday evening a car overtook a tram and turned sharp left into ACR – a frequent occurrence followed by blaring of their horn at pedestrians to get out of the way, a white van racing at 40mph with head to head traffic conflict with shouting, screaming and horn-blowing – again a frequent occurrence
    • A family who moved into ACR one year before the changes to Lebanon Road no longer feel it is safe to let their children out at the front of the house
    • A daughter in ACR whose elderly mother lives in Tunstall Road no longer allows her mother to visit or go home on her own because of the speed and frequency of cars + overtaking on the speed table at the junction of Heron Road and ACR, it is simply too dangerous
  • We welcome the proposed wider consultation process as we do not want a repetition of the failure to notify and consult with residents that we experienced but we do not want this to prevent action being taken to resolve the problems created by the council’s decision:
    • Overtaking of trams
    • Noise and air pollution
    • Damage to parked vehicles and speed humps
    • Congestion
    • Not being able to park/pull out from a parking space in the road
    • Vibrations and noise especially in homes adjacent to road humps
    • Using speed tables to overtake (a new one)
    • Large commercial vehicles using the road
  • Just want to flag para 12.1 – where it states reversing the direction of the one way on Lebanon will reintroduce the same problems that we are experiencing – this doesn’t recognize the head to head and public safety risks.
  • There is a significantly increased risk of serious injury or death not only to residents but to the general public using Addiscombe Road (walking and driving) around Lebanon Road tram stop – we were nearly hit by a bus overtaking a tram a few weeks ago – this isn’t highlighted in the paper submitted to the committee – it’s not just about residents, many more people are now at risk
  • Another example – whilst stopping to allow a family to cross the road by the tram stop, the car behind blasted their horn then tailgated all the way down the road and attempted to overtake 3 times between gaps in parked cars – very scary as children were in the car
  • So many more things that we could raise – appreciate a clear timeline to be shared with us so that residents can express their views
  • In concluding, it is unacceptable to not resolve this problem, as we have demonstrated we are willing to work with the Council to achieve a solution but the responsibility is yours as the original decision was flawed.
  • Thank you again for your time