The story for far…..

Following the introduction of the one-way system in Lebanon Road by Croydon Council in early 2016, over 2000 cars a day were displaced with around 1500 of them using Addiscombe Court Road; a 300-400% increase based on Council figures. Also displaced was the head to head traffic conflicts formerly experienced in Lebanon Road and the change has resulted in risks to public safety around Lebanon Road tram stop.

Residents continue to suffer from a significant rise in traffic noise and environmental pollution, damage to parked cars, traffic congestion, vibration in homes near speed bumps, large commercial lorries using the roads, greatly worsened road safety, offensive and threatening behaviour from and between drivers, and vehicles overtaking one another or travelling the wrong way down both streets.

Following two meetings at Tunstall Nursery (July and September), attendance at a meeting with ward councillors and Cllr Stuart King in July 2016 and a walkabout with ward councillors and council officers in September with other Residents’ Associations and Groups, to observe traffic from Cherry Orchard to Canning Road the informal consultation was proposed and carried out.

It became clear,  that working together to resolve the issues and to engage with the council effectively, a residents’ association was the way forward with TACRA being formed.

During the walkabout practical traffic related issues were addressed, like the need for additional road markings in Heron Road to make the one-way system clearer. This was actioned almost immediately.

In response to concerns raised at both meetings that we don’t behave as others have done in passing on the problem, we have engaged with both Home (covering Elgin Road to Ashburton Road), and Canning & Clyde Residents’ Associations who would be most affected by any changes made to our Roads.

As discussed throughout the past months, piecemeal approaches to the ‘rat running’ through our area don’t work. We have raised this repeatedly alongside the need for the Council and Ward Councillors to own that the problems we are experiencing are the result of an apparent failure on their part:

  • to carry out adequate analysis in regards to the displaced traffic associated with the introduction of the Lebanon Road one-way system.
  • to notify and consult with residents on Addiscombe Court Road, Tunstall Road and Canning Road of the proposed change despite a formal request by the Secretary of Canning and Clyde Roads Residents’ Association on the 5th July 2015 asking for officers to consult with these affected roads.

Whilst an integrated solution is preferable this should not delay finding a solution to the immediate risks that residents in our roads are experiencing.