Traffic Informal Consultation

As part of the ongoing work with the Council, and as was agreed at the initial TACRA meeting in September, there will be an informal consultation with as many residents as possible, to obtain feedback on the available options for us to put to the council to reduce the amount of extra “rat running” traffic we have inherited from the last change in January 2016.

While there are a wide range of possible options and ideas available, the simplest options have been selected, which have the least impact on our daily lives, but preventing the extra North bound traffic.

To do this over the weekends of the 13th/14th, and 19th/20th of November, a team of residents, will go around to all of the houses, asking for views on the available options.  During this exercise they will also leave a leaflet that will direct people to the TACRA website, and will offer the petition, for signature is wished.

The next stage is to take this feedback, with the petition, back to the council at their next traffic meeting in December.  After which they can review the case, and choose whether to put into the budget the changes we have requested, and carry out a formal consultation with us and others that will be directly affected.  Once this is complete we hope to see a change put into place to restore our roads back to the quieter volume of traffic we were used to and improving safety at the Addiscombe Road junction for both road and foot traffic.

We will keep the site updated with news on how this progresses, and if you wish you can sign up here, to receive updates about this and other local matters as we post them.