Traffic Informal Consultation – Update #3

In November and December 2016 TACRA carried out an informal consultation exercise, knocking on neighbours’ doors to capture their views and to invite individuals to sign a petition that was initiated at the inaugural meeting of TACRA.

We heard from 118 households and amongst those people available when we were out and about, 85% said they wanted a change and to return our roads to the levels of traffic we had before Lebanon Road was made one way.

A summary of all the views we heard during the door knocking exercise and meetings at Tunstall Road nursery school were gathered together in a document with the alternative solutions that residents put forward.  This was emailed to Croydon Council along with a copy of the petition on the 13th December 2016. The petition will be submitted formally at the full council meeting on the 30th January 2017. Canning and Clyde Residents Association also sought the views of people living in their roads about changes to Canning Road and have sent a summary to Croydon Council.

The council officers responsible for traffic are preparing a report with their proposals for what should happen next, likely a Council led consultation on the Council’s proposals to resolve the traffic problems. We have asked that any consultation be a significant improvement on the process undertaken prior to the changes to Lebanon Road.  Councillor Stuart King who chairs the Traffic Management Advisory Committee (TMAC) has emailed confirmation that the Council’s response to our concerns will be discussed at the next meeting ‘It will definitely be on TMAC agenda for February. As chair you have my assurance of that.’