TACRA AGM meeting minutes

Thursday Nov 8th 2018


TACRA AGM 2018 notes


Start 19h10

Sandra welcome, asked everyone to say ‘hello’ to someone you don’t know.
Introduce the interpreter.
Go through the agenda

Kat from the committee was not able to attend.
Many neighbours were not able to attend due to Diwali festivities.

Committee members introduced themselves.

Sandra Introduction.
We came together because of the traffic. Significant change has occurred making it quieter if not a little inconvenient.
Would we want to change it back? No one answered ‘yes’ to this.



Sally: Big Lunch was an amazing experience. With support from the council by closing the road. People said they enjoyed it very much.
Patrick who has lived here since 1971 (approx.) said it was the best event on the road he’d ever seen.

Sandra: A year of connecting, getting to know each other.

Avery active Facebook group thanks to Christoph. A gift to Christoph to say thank you for setting up the Facebook group.

The traffic that brought us together and made us feel connected.

Liveable neighbourhoods is conceptual, reduction in traffic, what does it mean in our lives, what will make it liveable for you?

Bins – arrival and removal, councillor Stuart Collins saw the condition for himself.
Issues of waste management, some people would have liked the bigger bins. Street looks better without the giant bins.

Clean and Green – last one was in November last year. Next one from Cherry Orchard to ___________ road, Sunday 12.30 meet outside 4 ACR. Bulb planting.

Thank you to Tunde for holding us together.

Big Lunch was the highlight of the year.

Jason: What a difference taking action actually does to change this.
Meeting being less about traffic and more about doing nice things.

On the 24th May a Lime Tree was planted on Bisenden Road in memory of a Green campaigner Jo Pick. Ecco was given a community grant to this area. 3.15, 11th November there will be a short ceremony then towards Oval Tavern for tea and cake.


Meeting minutes agreed.


Treasurer report.
Jason has an ongoing deposit for room hire at Tunstall Nursery. We are doing fundraising , new committee will go door to door to sell tickets. Draw to be held at Christmas.


Whole committee stands down

New Committee – need surnames, addresses, email addresses?

Marie Louise
Brendon (new)
Catherine (new)

Chair: Sandra (nominated by Sally, seconded Marie Louise)
Secretary: No one volunteered
Treasurer: Sally (nominated by Patrick, seconded by Andy)


Sean Fitzpatrick – Liveable neighbourhood Addiscombe West

Handed out print out of maps.

Number of challenges which won’t be solved by the council.
Grass roots action
Public places are currently not places to dwell or hang around, idyllic, happy to sit on a bench and watch the world pass by.
Cleaner, diversity in shops, active community groups.
Things that we can improve.
His own list is not definitive.
What are the current live issues
community and social issues
Resident Associations (RA) between Addiscombe Road and Lower Addiscombe Road
40% of residents are in private rent
In the room there were 23 home owners
50% of the community aren’t involved in RA groups
50% of the world is BME, whose views aren’t represented
4 identified as EU citizens in the meeting
RAs are not very well represented
High street is not well used by residents
Not much green in the area, very built up
more building going on, applications are in progress
Expected 1000 new residents
Rat running in area
50% of residents own a car
reuse some of the spaces to green the area
make pavement and street nicer
10,000 homes to Addiscombe West, Wood Green to ______________
Bottom up approach

Asking for ideas, what would engage other people to get involved
Private rented sector
young people getting involved, minority groups getting involved who don’t normally come to these types of meetings

L&Q (London and Quadrant, 50% affordable housing, 50% outright sale) shared Zip car space.


Social Events and Calendar

Inspired by the Big Lunch,
Green areas for hanging baskets
Get the community to pretty up the environment
Community grants available from the council?
Sean: In Lambeth they’ve taken baskets for front gardens
Converted ‘Grot Spots’ into mini allotments. Areas of empty pavement at bottom of ACR and Tunstall.

Replacement street trees
Croydon has ~£1m to put thousands of street trees, 700 tree pits in Addiscombe area
Religious establishment open days
Ishmali centre Addiscombe Road/Outram road have open days

Play Street
Quiz/Games night



Tunstall Road/ACR road sign is often camouflaged, delivery man was confused as he couldn’t see the road signs, signs need to be moved up
Turn Heron Road in to a Pocket Park
Boris funded mini Hollands
Waltham Forest and Kingston won the fund to get people from driving to walking
Cycle hangers


Thank you to Tunde for all her hard work