TACRA – AGM – 8th November 2017

Wednesday 8th November 2017 at Tunstall Road Nursery from 7.30pm

It’s just over a year since we came together to form a resident’s group and much has happened since then. Although the focus has been mainly on the traffic, we have also come together for other events. It’s time to meet again to say hi and explore what we want to do going forward as a group.

If you have something you would like to discuss with your neighbours on the night and want to let us know beforehand, email us at contact@tacra.addiscombe.net

Below, one committee member shares something he would love to have a conversation about at the AGM.

‘Dog fouling’, ‘litter’, ‘broken glass bottles’, ‘discarded kitchen cabinets’ – what do all these things have in common?

These are all things that I see on the pavement as I walk up from Tunstall Road to the Tram Stop.  A couple of weeks ago, someone decided to throw out their refrigerator on Heron Road, someone else decided to deposit their unwanted bed set at the bottom corner of Addiscombe Court Road, while some other person decided that the Northern end of Addiscombe Court road which leads towards Leslie Park Grove would make a good spot for their unwanted sofa set.

While some of these may be preplanned council collections. Is this the kind of roads that we want?

I’d really like to know what ideas you have that could prevent this problem from occurring further. I think as a group we could go even further and make our road one of the most beautiful in the borough – let’s make it a place that we’re proud to call home.

There is also a proposal from Croydon Council to consider the area we live in as a focus for developing a ‘Liveable neighbourhood’. This is a London wide approach that is being consulted on by Sadiq Khan (Mayor of London) as part of his on going future transport strategy. This is an opportunity to keep the pressure on Croydon Council to work with residents to find a better solution to the traffic issues in our area rather than the piecemeal ones resulting from the Lebanon Road decision and the impact of developments in Central Croydon, such as Westfield.


Join us from 7.30pm to meet your neighbours and share your ideas for our streets.

We will start the formal business of the AGM from 8.00pm