Spring 2018 Newsletter



 Sunday 3rd June 2018

TACRA BIG LUNCH is a community event, open to all adults and children from Addiscombe Court and Tunstall Roads to come along and picnic together.  This event is taking place on Saturday 3rd June. This is a fantastic opportunity to bring people together and celebrate with your friends and neighbours the diversity that exists on our roads. So please bring your children, invite your friends, bring your own picnic and seating.

We are looking for volunteers to help organize the Big Lunch, if you would like to get involved please contact Sally on 07734 657140 or by email savbing@yahoo.com

2018 Local Elections

With less than four weeks to go until the local elections, do not forget to vote on the 3rd May! Our ward Addiscombe has been split into two following the recent Local Government Boundary Commission review – Addiscombe West and East (TACRA comes under Addiscombe West). The ward is currently represented by three Labour Councillors, Sean Fitzsimons, Patricia Hay-Justice and Mark Watson.

Mark Watson is standing down this year and will be replaced by Jerry Fitzpatrick. The Conservatives will be fielding a full slate and have chosen Jade Appleton, Lindsey Blackburn and Michael O’Dwyer to stand in this ward. No other parties have announced their candidates at time of writing (31st March) so there might be other candidates contesting this ward

If you’re not registered to vote, or have recently moved home, you can still register now at www.gov.uk/register-to-vote, you need to do this by Tuesday 17 April.

Fly tipping

Fly-tipping, which can range from a single black rubbish bag to household furniture being dumped, can blight areas and seriously impact on the quality of life for people living near by. Not only is this illegal but it is unsightly, can be unsafe, and it might attract pests such as rats and flies. Did you know that Croydon Council will now pick up bulk items for free? To report a fly-tip confidentially, notify the council through My Account, call 0208 604 7000 or email flytip@croydon.gov.uk


Join TACC on Facebook

Did you know that we have a thriving Facebook group for Tunstall and Addiscombe Court Road? Residents use this to share useful information and advice, assistance and support, and even loan or swap unwanted items. Join the discussion! In Facebook search for ‘TACC – Tunstall & Addiscombe Court Community’. Look forward to seeing you soon!



TACRA Raffle

TACRA’s only source of funding is donations from generous residents in Tunstall and Addiscombe Court Roads. To help raise funds TACRA will be holding a raffle, with a selection of prizes to be won. Watch out as we knock on doors over the next month or so. Money raised by the raffle will be used to cover printing costs of our newsletters, room hire for the annual meeting and fun events such as the Big Lunch.


React2Traffic – Our Response

You have probably received a leaflet from React2Traffic, a campaign group formed by HOME Residents Association, and actively supported by a small number of residents living on other roads. You may have been concerned about the negative tone of the leaflet which contains some misinformation and omitted the serious safety issue around Lebanon Road tram stop.

TACRA will be responding to this by engaging with the campaign group and neighboring streets. We of course support a more strategic area wide solution to the traffic as discussed at the Council’s Traffic Management Committee. We do not wish for any street to take the brunt of this this problem. At the same time, we need to ensure the Council does not allow the risks to public safety to return.