New Street Signs

There was a council walkabout on Friday 31st March (9.30am-1pm), where our Ward Councillors and Council Officers walked the area, reviewing complaints they had received.  A number of residents across the area, as well at least four of the associations were present to ensure as many of the known oddities where presented to them.

The number of small 20mph (repeater) signs is overkill in the councillors and officers views.  While some of them are needed, and may in fact warrant having a regular sized sign (e.g. at the junction with Heron Road).  Most of them are unnecessary given the distances involved.

While there may also be a requirement for each set of parking bays to have a sign, to enforce the parking restrictions (some if large may need two). The numbers and locations seem to ignore the fact of that the existing posts or street lights could be used.

Which means the placement and frequency of these, with the new pay and display machines, was questionable in a number of places.  Certainly in Addiscombe Court Road, there are two spots where there is a parking sign and a 20mph sign in same section of pavement, with other places where signs will be obscured by trees.

The council officers, noted down a large number of the issues in every road from East Croydon to Ashburton Road, and they will be doing another review to ensure they have not missed any specific issues in the near future.

Our Councillors indicated that once the list is drawn up that the excessive ones will be removed, and where signs are needed, they will aim to re-use existing posts instead of having additional ones just a few feet from each other and that they will ensure that, as these new signs spread across Croydon, the various contractors involved, will be instructed accordingly.

If you do have an area you want to ensure gets looked into, please do contact our ward councillors – their details are available on our Links & Info page.