Feedback from the Traffic Management Advisory Committee (8th February 2017)

The Councillors on the committee discussed our petition to reduce traffic volumes and to considered a proposal to introduce ‘No Entry’ signs in Addiscombe Court and Canning Roads.  The Traffic Management Advisory Committee (TMAC), decided to approve an informal consultation exercise in the surrounding area, and to perform traffic monitoring on our roads, with the results being returned to the Committee so they can hopefully make a decision in July.

For more information about the night, and to see the key notes from our Chairs address to the committee, please click here

In the next couple of months the Council will be delivering a questionnaire asking residents for their views on the proposal to make Addiscombe Court Road no entry (exit only) by the tram stop.

After contacting the Council following the meeting, they have indicated that they expect to deliver the consultation in the last week of March or first week of April 2017.  As a result of Easter, they propose that the consultation will last for five weeks, with the results being reported back to the next available TMAC, probably in July 2017.

We urge everyone to complete the questionnaire when they receive it, so that your individual views (for or against) are heard by the Council.

This is an important next step, please take part!