Feedback from Council Meeting – 30th January 2017

Well it was a very eventful council meeting last night with even a member of the public being removed from the gallery. There was great representation from the TARCA committee with Sally, Sandra, Jason, Neil and Tunde in attendance watching avidly from the public gallery. Little did we know that our petition was agenda item 7 and would not be heard until nearly 9pm!

Sean Fitzsimmons provided Members with a brief overview of events with assurances from Councillor Stuart King (Chair of the Traffic Management Committee) that this would be an agenda item at next week’s meeting.

We would like to thank Sean, in presenting the petition, and you can see him in action below, which is a link to the start of the Petition section of the Council Meeting.

If you wish to view the whole meeting, with all of the related documents, from the council site, it is available here:

Council (Mon, 30th Jan 2017 – 6:30 pm)