Croydon Council’s Consultation – Deadline – 12th May

At Croydon Council’s Traffic Management Advisory Committee (TMAC) meeting on the 8th February 2017, it was agreed to informally consult with residents on prohibiting entry to Addiscombe Court Road and/or Canning Road from Addiscombe Road (making one or both exit only to motor vehicles).

The Council chose not to take into account the opinion of Canning and Clyde RA and TACRA, in the reports submitted to them, that they needed to come back with a better solution to mitigate the effects of their flawed Lebanon Road one-way imposition.

At the meeting, Addiscombe ward councillors all spoke in support the proposal to consult on changes to Addiscombe Court and Canning Roads. We thank them for their comments including – “Addiscombe Court, Tunstall and Canning Roads should not have to have heavy traffic for even one year” and “Lebanon Road tram stop is an accident waiting to happen”. There is a high level of support in Addiscombe court and Tunstall roads for something to be done about the traffic.

In response to the highly restrictive consultation on the decision to make Lebanon Road one-way southbound only, this informal consultation will include all streets from Cherry Orchard Road to Ashburton Road including the Park Hill area as far as the A232.

The Consultation letter will be addressed ‘Occupier’

Have you seen it?

The consultation exercise will take the form of questionnaires with pre-paid return envelopes to be returned to the Council by the 12th May 2017.  If you do not receive the letter and questionnaire, you can contact or telephone him on 020 8726 6000 ext. 62178 and a new document will be delivered.

The results of this consultation will be discussed with local ward councillors and the cabinet member for Transport and Environment ahead of consideration at a future TMAC meeting.

We urge all residents to complete the questionnaire when it is received.  Please send it back to the council in the SAE provided with it. All views need to be heard and considered.

This is an important next step, please take part!