Consequences of changes to Lebanon Road – Result of the Council Committee Meeting on 11th October 2017

Following the Council’s statutory consultation on their proposal to overcome the traffic problems and public safety risks, the Transport Management Advisory Committee (TMAC) decision was to unanimously approve the proposal at their meeting last Wednesday (11 October). They will make both Addiscombe Court and Canning Roads no entry from Addiscombe Road (exit-only). In doing so, they also highlighted the need for a medium term approach to traffic in our area. At the committee meeting they heard passionate representations from our neighbours sharing their real life experiences of living with the consequences of the changes to Lebanon Road. Thank you for continuing to communicate with the council, attending the TMAC and speaking on the night; together it meant our concerns were heard. Our ward councillors, Sean Fitzsimons and Patricia Hay-Justice expressed support for making both roads no entry, with Mark Watson speaking in favour of making Addiscombe Court Road no entry and keeping Canning Road open.

Coach on ACR – 7.13pm, 8th October

During the informal consultation the majority of residents’ in our roads opted for making ACR exit only onto Addiscombe Road, so blocking northbound ‘rat running’ traffic. It was made very clear to the committee both in July and last week that the majority of resident didn’t want this but were willing to accept it, to reduce the risks resulting from the changes in traffic flows. Whatever they chose to do last week, in many ways it was a no-win situation, as almost everyone would experience some negative impact, be it longer journey times and increased petrol use, or Canning Road residents potentially living with around 4,000 motor-vehicles a day (based on Council monitoring figures from June 2017 and assumes the potentially blocked ACR northbound traffic will then use Canning Road instead) and ‘head to head’ driver behaviour (their Road is 4cm wider than Lebanon Road). With the decision to block northbound entry to both ACR and Canning, only time will tell what impact this will have on residents in ours and other roads, such as, Elgin & Havelock to the East and Addiscombe Grove & Cherry Orchard to the West.

We propose that along with Canning & Clyde Residents Association we continue to urge the Council to get the whole road system locally much better sorted; seeking to work with our neighbours in other residents’ groups either side to press for this.