Clean and Green Day – 23rd April – Update 2

The Clean and Green Day is almost here and that you are invited to take part in the communal tidy-up between 12 pm and 3 pm this Sunday (23rd April).

The Council will be leaving equipment for the tidy-up at the following locations:

15 Addiscombe Court Road (for residents of Addiscombe Court/Tunstall)
86 Lebanon Road (for residents of Lebanon)

Veolia will be picking up waste collected/gathered during the tidy up from the following locations:

For Addiscombe Court Road & Tunstall Road:

Both junctions with Tunstall Road
Junction with Heron Road and Addiscombe Court Road
Junction with Addiscombe Road

For Lebanon Road:

Junction with Leslie Park Road
Junction with Cedar Road
Junction with Addiscombe Road

Where feasible, waste must be bagged. If you think your waste may be too bulky for Veolia, please check with Jerry Fitzpatrick (contact details below).

Residents of Addiscombe (Colson to Chisholm), Bisenden, Blake, Brickwood, Cedar and Chisholm Roads who wish to tidy their own road and want equipment should contact Jerry Fitzpatrick (07768 287197 or